FRESH 12 oz container of Hearty French Lentil Soup – Vegan/No gluten ingredients


We use three kinds of lentils in our Hearty French Lentil soup to get the texture juuust right! Add in local organic root veggies and onions, organic Herbs de Provence from Gryffon Ridge Spice Merchants, and a pinch of love and we’ve got one of the yummiest and most comforting soups you’ll ever try!

Contains: *French Lentils, *Red Lentils,
*Green Lentils, *Onion, *Carrot, *Celery,
*Sweet Potato, *Parsnips, Tomatoes, Garlic,
*Gryffon Ridge Herbs de Provence (Basil, Tarragon,
Marjoram, Thyme, Lavender, and Fennel Seed),
Olive Oil, Salt, Pepper (* Denotes Organic Items)

Comes in a 12 oz, freezable/microwaveable/dishwasher-safe BPA free plastic container

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